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MARCIN OSTASZ: My father, a communist riot-police officer, was a god to me.

When communist was declining in the Poland of the 1980’s, I, the son of a zealous Communist Party member and a riot-policeman, became more and more faithful to the Party and my father. I thought my father was a god, idol, hero and the only hard-working, honest and just man in the country. When martial law was introduced, I thought my father was fighting a war against the people destroying our country. Locked up in our flat, I became a soldier (Private Cactus) and I waged my own war against the enemies of my father and Poland, my friends and family. The truth about my father’s role in society proved to be painful. However, I learnt that he was just a human, confused by the complex reality of our country.


ADAM – a policeman and a communist party member an avid community worker

CACTUS – his teenage son

LECH – Adam’s elder brother, a scientist, an intellectual and a communist party secretary

MR BEAR – Adam and Lech’s mentor, an idealistic, old-school communist




CAPTION: 1979. Pope John Paul II holds mass during his first visit to Poland.


Don’t be afraid.

Later, the Pope’s cavalcade rolls down a city street, accompanied by a motorcade of POLICEMEN on motorcycles.

The Policeman who rides the first motorbike is ADAM BURDA (40). Adam’s face is happy, proud and focused.


This TV is in small, simple but modern communist-style flat, with flowers and colourful paintings in it. Sunshine comes in through an open window with bright and colourful curtains.

CACTUS (7), Adam’s son, a boy with spiky blonde hair, watches the Pope’s motorcade on TV and jumps up, excited. Cactus is average height, extremely energetic, almost hyperactive. On his lap is his hamster, CAESAR.


Caesar, look! Dad! That’s dad!!!

To receive a copy of WODA, please contact the Author.

All documents are Copyright of Marcin Ostasz

WODA (water) is the coming-of-age story of a boy struggling with the tyranny of his father, a policeman, communist party member and zealous community worker in the conflict-torn Poland of the 1980’s.

Marcin Ostasz

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To receive a copy of WODA, please contact the Author.

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Marcin presents WODA in a short interview (approx. 4 min.) (video)

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The story was presented successfully at the Galway Film Fleadh Marketplace - 11-12 Jul 2014 and 10-11 Jul 2015


WODA took part in the Constellations Workshop in Poland and Sweden - 11-14 March and 30 Nov - 3 Dec 2015


WODA took part in the Too Short to Die Workshop in Lithuania - 27 Sept - 3 Oct 2015.

We are hoping to produce a perfect short film script out of it!


The screenplay has received positive reviews from: